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Individual Therapy


Struggling with depression or anxiety? Are you stressed and need help developing healthier coping skills?  Is there a particular behavior or patterns of behaviors you'd like to change?  Unsure of what you want, or who you are?  Struggling with perfectionist tendencies?  Are you self-critical, and struggle to "turn off" the thoughts in your head?


Through self-reflection, insight, feedback, and within the context of the therapeutic relationship, individual therapy can be an opportunity for developing increased awareness around what we'd like to keep,  what we'd like to modify, and what we 'd like to eliminate in our lives, with ourselves, and with others.

Family/Couples Counseling

Struggling with a particular relationship?  Unsure of what to do?  Need help developing healthy interpersonal or communication skills?  Want to develop healthier relationship habits?


Within the context of safe space and with a neutral third party, family and/or couples counseling can provide an environment to better understand ourselves, especially as it relates to our relationships.  By focusing on what we can change, rather than focusing on what they should change, we take responsibility for our role and for our lives.  We can gain insight into the ineffective ways in which we communicate through our words and our actions, and develop healthier ways of relating to others.

Group Counseling


Do you feel alone?  Are you curious if others have had similar struggles?  Do you wonder how others have coped?  Do you simply want to be heard and validated? 


Groups can be a great way to connect with others who are struggling in similar ways.  They can also foster a sense of "being in it together." 

Currently I don't offer any groups, but would be interested in hearing suggestions about possible groups you would be interested in.  Send me a message to offer your feedback.

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