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Is therapy for me?

The reasons people come to therapy vary across the board.  You can be certain that if you're coming to therapy for a specific reason, someone else has as well - for the very same reason.
You are not alone. 
It's one thing to know we need help, it's another thing to admit it out loud to someone else.  Asking for help can be hard.  Taking care of ourselves can be hard.  Know that you are taking the first step at doing that - taking care of yourself - in this moment.
In my experience, the following are some of the reasons people initially reach out:
Relationship Struggles
General Anxiety & Worry
Specific Phobias
Social Anxiety
Negative Self-Talk
Intrusive Thoughts
Panic Attacks
Obsessive Thoughts
Feeling Unmotivated
Thoughts of Death or Self-Harm
Death of a Loved One
Job Loss
Life Transitions
Becoming a Parent
Parenting Struggles
Postpartum Depression & Anxiety
Infertility & Pregnancy Loss
Domestic Violence
Unhealthy Relationship With Food
Substance Abuse
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